issue 5

style & interpretation

Mads Krogh, On Hip Hop Criticism and the Constitution of Hip Hop Culture in Denmark

Tarja Rautiainen-Keskustalo, On the Articulations of the Popular Music and Creative Economy in Late Modern Culture

Paul Carr & Richard J. Hand, “Twist'n frugg in an arrogant gesture”: Frank Zappa and the musical-theatrical gesture

Nicolai Jørgensgaard Graakjær, Musical Meaning in TV-Commercials: A Case of Cheesy Music

Aaron M. Hancox, Under One Roof: Independent Record Labels & the Proliferation of Rock & Roll

Brian Hendrix, The Visceral in Music

Freya Jarman-Ivens, You're Not Really T/here: Authorship, Nostalgia & the Absent 'Superstar'

Serge Lacasse, Voice and Sound Processing: Examples of Mise en Scene of Voice in Recorded Rock Music