issue 4

folk, world music, jazz

Steven Feld and Annemette Kirkegaard, Entangled Complicities in the Prehistory of "World Music": Poul Rovsing Olsen and Jean Jenkins Encounter Brian Eno and David Byrne in the Bush of Ghosts

Mark Teehan, The Byrds, "Eight Miles High", the Gavin Report, and Media Censorship of Alleged 'Drug Songs' in 1966: An Assessment

Brent Wood, The Musical Imagination of Phil Lesh: The Grateful Dead's Difference Engine

Marko Aho, My Favourite Things and the Experience of Subjective Temporality: A Case Study of Rainbow's 'All Night Long'

Sean Campbell, "Pack Up Your Troubles": Politics & Popular Music in Pre- & Post-Ceasefire Ulster

Tellef Kvifte, Hunting for the Gold at the end of the Rainbow: Identity and Global Romanticism - On the Roots of Ethnic Music