issue 2

identity & performativity

Peter Elsdon, Embodied Listening and the Music of Sigur Rós

Willa Stillwater, Monsters, Whitches, and Michael Jackson's Ghosts

Sean Campbell, From 'Boys' to 'Lads': Masculinity and Irish Rock Culture

Kurt Mosser, “Cover Songs”: Ambiguity, Multivalence, Polysemy

Andrew Missingham, "Big Tings Ah Gwan": Junglist Music Takes Centre Stage — An Introduction to Jungle Music And An Enquiry Into Its Impact On The London Jazz Scene

Edward D. Miller, The Nonsensical Truth of the Falsetto Voice: Listening to Sigur Rós

Ron Moy, A Daughter of Albion? — Kate Bush and mythologies of Englishness

John Richardson, Intertextuality and pop camp identity politics in Finland: The Crash's music video 'Still Alive'